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The totality of injury from medical malpractice is often enormous. For those affected, the personal and economic burden demands a thorough and aggressive inquiry by a competent and experienced team of legal and medical professionals. Unfortunately, as many soon find out you will not generally be financially compensated and protected simply because the law recognizes a right of recovery for your injury. Self-education is a useful and important starting point.

Why You Need an Attorney...

Where law and medicine intersect, your lawyer stands in the breach. As a patient you want and need quality medical care and treatment, particularly for those injuries which are serious or may become so in the absence thereof. As a injured party seeking financial compensation along with a measure of justice, the importance of medical documentation is the primary tool which your lawyer may use to accomplish this.

Pre-Settlement Funding...

Medical malpractice sometimes involves unique provisions of the law and procedure further complicated by the medical-legal issues present. Even where liability seems reasonably clear insurance companies obligated to pay damages on behalf of those they insure often vigorously defend such claims. As a result, there are some situations where presettlement funding may be appropriate to provide a vital lifeline in order to obtain important related medical care or to stay financially afloat. In most jurisdictions a lawyer may not ethically lend you money or pay your bills.

How MUCH is Your Settlement Worth?

Medical Malpractice Settlement

Valuing a case requires a thorough review of the circumstances leading to your injury and how those events have affected you both now and in the future. Verdict, and in some instances, settlement values from multiple jurisdictions around the country are available for your review. Please remember that these case dispositions are for illustrative purposes alone and should not be relied upon in place of a thorough case review.

Protect Yourself...

And Your Family

Hiring a lawyer is a good way of letting insurance companies know just how serious you are about your case and maximizes your financial recovery.